A warm walk in Woolman woods.

I took several photos, along the way, on walk in the woods to meet with Red. We were meeting to work on removing debris from Mel’s Beach. Red started a controlled burn and we threw branches and wood into the fire.

The 99% Spring Training @ Woolman

This evening, we had the opportunity to experience a training on peaceful direct action. The trainings are encouraged by an initiative called The 99% Spring. Following, are my brief notes from the event.

We will take the good from past initiatives, combine that with good from present actions, and create the good for future generations.

We are neglecting the poor when we focus only on the dwindling middle class. Broaden the lens.

How are we going to provide and open opportunities for current and future generations?

We facing a system designed to benefit the few at the expense of many.

Nonviolent Direction Actions historic:

  • Women’s Sufferege
  • United Auto Workers
  • United Farm Workers
  • Civil Liberties Movement
  • People Power
  • ACT UP

Noteworthy People:

  • James (Jim) Lawson
  • Ella Baker

Children and families can get involved in peaceful direct action.

Our greatest asset is us!

Movie: Koch Brothers Exposed

In a direct action:

  • Listen to the other person
  • Calm down conflict
  • Stand in non-threatening, strong posture/position
  • Flow from your deepest values

Aspects of direct action:

  • Vision = World as you imagine it
  • Goal = Specific outcome desired
  • Strategy = Series of steps to meet goal
  • Tactics = small pieces of the plan