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General values – four domains

Following are my identified values (overarching commitments) in four common value domains. This is a course activity from the online course “Becoming a Resilient Person” at edX.


  • Study Geospatial Information Science
  • Contribute work to improve community
  • Improve water systems and access to clean water/sanitation
  • Document people and places through creative multimedia
  • Integrate into a network of professionals

Leisure/Self Expression

  • Experience and enjoy nature
  • Collect, organize, and share multimedia


  • Be a caring and committed father
  • Bring peace to family relationships
  • Be a loving and committed partner
  • Build lasting friendships

Personal Growth/Health

  • Exercise regularly
  • Pursue a low impact lifestyle
  • Eat nutritional food
  • Study regularly
  • Complete tasks/projects that I start

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