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Landscapes of Change – peer C02 Usage Analysis

Participants in Landscapes of Change provided CO2 usage data. Eight of the 34 participants (23%) provided data specific enough for comparison, in effect describing the tons of C02 estimated to sustain their current lifestyles.

The original samples, in tons of c02 per year, are

  • 12.0
  • 30.0
  • 14.0
  • 16.0
  • 26.0
  • 8.4
  • 13.6
  • 24.0

With so few observations, it is difficult to determine any statistically significant patterns.

Following are some basic general statistics, as I learn how to use R Studio.

  • The sample average is 18 tons per year.
  • The group standard deviation is 7.7, meaning 68% of the participants use between 10.3 and 25.7 tons of c02 per year.
  • The histogram does not seem to follow a normal distribution.

C02 Usage for the Landscapes of Change program

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